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About company

KIOTO SOLAR is one of the largest suppliers of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems in Europe with 25 years of experience in the field of alternative energy. Ability, courage and innovative potential are the key to success in order to guarantee customers the highest possible quality.
The company works with the best leading specialists in solar energy.
Quality assurance is very important for KIOTO SOLAR, because only the best products guarantee our long-term success.
KIOTO SOLAR has a fully automated production, certified to the highest European standards. Our modules are one of the most powerful and efficient photovoltaic modules.

Your advantages

12 year warranty

KIOTO SOLAR offers quality “Made in Austria”. Our photovoltaic modules withstand the hardest tests. There are no inaccurancies because of our fully-automated production.
That’s why KIOTO SOLAR can offer extensive warranties. We provide full product warranty for 12 years and an actual performance warranty for 25 years.

Higher performance

New cell technologies and the use of anti-reflective glass provide even higher performances. The anti-reflective glass lets pass the almost entire spectrum of sunlight.
The anti-reflective glass avoids the reflection of the sunlight: the ratio of the light, that reaches the module, is increased significantly. The performance is better – the efficiency is raised

Highest quality

Our components and products correspond to the highest quality standards. The high quality and our longtime experience with the production of photovoltaic modules grant our long-term success.
Reliable suppliers, who correspond to our high quality standards, are very important for KIOTO SOLAR.

Extremely solid

KIOTO SOLAR modules are extremely solid (5.400 Pa). Nevertheless they have a very light module weight (below 20kg). For optimal use in the alpine area all modules go through advanced snow load tests.
Extended hail tests (25mm grain size, 165,6 km/h) guarantee highest durability.


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