Power Module

The high-efficient universal genius!
The high-efficiency solar modules with an output of up to 300Wp are produced with the most modern equipment in Austria. The modules with a power tolerance of +5W/-0W are equipped with a Tyco-outlet.
Die Power modules are available with 3 design options: silver, black & zebra. The modules are extremely solid, nevertheless they have a very light module construction.

Smart Module

The intelligent module for tricky applications!
Optimal roofs without chimneys, rooflights,…. are perfect for solar modules, but unfortunately also extremely rare. The KIOTO SOLAR Smart module is designed for installations with potential shading.
A MPP tracker ensures that every module achieves its performance optimum. Because of that there is no negative influence on the whole string in case of shading.

Pure Module

Especially for project applications!
The KIOTO SOLAR Pure module is a cost-effective alternative, especially designed for bigger projects. With a power tolerance of +5W/-5W and exact current sorting in steps of 0,1 A.
Our Pure module is equipped with an aluminium frame with UV-resistant protection caps.

Glass glass Module

For toughest applications!
The glass glass module from KIOTO SOLAR ist the premium alternative for onroof or free-standing PV systems. It is extremely solid and resistent – also against extreme environmental influences.
Thanks to its special glass compount system it is extremely durable. It can be used for households or large-scale applications!

Mein Kraftwerk Module

The mini power plant for everyone!
The easy solution for everybody who wants to produce free power from the sun but doesn’t have much space available. The “Mein-Kraftwerk” module with integrated micro inverter is a Plug & Play solution that delivers power as soon as it is connected to the grid.
Every module delivers up to 320 kWh per year (average Central Europe). For the easy access to the power grid: e.g. Austria up to 600 Wp (2 “Mein Kraftwerk” modules).

Roofing System

Energy & function with design! More and more companies and private persons change to electric mobility. Perfect because the carport is not only protecting the car from environmental influences but also provides the electric car with free power from the sun. An E-Carport with two parking spaces has 15 modules installed – this means 5 kWp of power. Also applicable for other roofing applications.

Inroof System

Tough. Efficient. Aesthetically.
Our inroof system is very installation friendly. It is easy to handle with a format of 1m2. The system can be installed easily with only a few components.
There are laminates in 3 more sizes. It has a modular set-up and can be expanded easily. All components fit on a pallet. The frameless PV modules fit perfectly on every roof.

Energy Facade

New applications for photovoltaic systems!
Compared to usual facade systems, the energy facade delivers free power from the sun. That means: the facade pays off. It delivers energy continuously and also protects the building from environmental influences.
Optionally: Coloured energy facade It is possible to colour the energy facade in every desired colour. The PV structure is no longer visible. The result: an energy facade with perfect design that delivers free power from the sun!

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